Eden Valley Resident Wildlife

Many wildlife species make their home at Eden Valley Guest Ranch and can be seen from the cabins.  We encourage everyone to bring binoculars for both day and night viewing.  We have dark skies here so telescopes are appropriate also.

Weasels at Eden Valley Guest Ranch.Since we only have ten cabins and few guests, many of the wildlife do not feel pressure.  They keep a distance and will maintain vigilance for strangers, but some are still close enough for pictures.

Our wildlife includes: coyote, black bear, badger, bobcat, chipmunk, skunk, whitetail deer, mule deer, bats, garden snake, yellow bellied marmot, Columbia ground squirrels, cottontail rabbit, porcupine, wood rat, shrew, mice, vole, and weasel.  More rare to see are elk, cougar, snowshoe hare or moose as they tend to be a few miles from the ranch. Elk and moose cruise through from time to time.