Eden Valley Shrubs & Bushes

Shrubs or bushes in our local area leaf out in late March and into April.

Saskatoon or Serviceberry at Eden Valley Guest RanchThe elevation range is from about 3250 feet above sea level to 4500 feet in the US Forest Service with many trails available. The shrubs start blooming at Eden Valley in late April and May at the lower elevations first.  The fruit, (generally berries) set on shortly afterward becoming ripe between July and August.  Lower elevations like the Palmer Lake region are a month ahead and higher elevations like the Lost Lake area are a month later.

Some shrubs may have many names.  We have found some guide books mention some, but not all names. Shrubs we see on Eden Valley Guest Ranch or the adjacent US Forest Service include: Sticky Currant, Squaw Currant, Mountain Ash, Saskatoon or Serviceberry, Spirea, Choke Cherry, Wild Raspberry, Thimbleberry, various Wild Roses, Potentilla, Shrubby Penstemon, Oregon Grape, Willow, Mock Orange or Seringa, Elderberry, Common Snowberry, Kinnikinnick, and the Wild Juniper.