Wildflower Beginners

Naturally, average temperatures and rainfall impact the wildflower show greatly each year.  For those brand new to wildflower identification, beginning when plants are in the flower stage is easiest and most fun.

Balsam in bloom at Eden Valley Guest Ranch.Once comfortable identifying a wildflower in bloom, the stem and leaves are next to notice. Even though our wildflowers generally bloom from April through July there are other fun aspects of native plant discovery. The flowers are replaced with the plant's fruit or seed so shrubs may have berries, flowers might have pods, or grasses could have colorful seed displays. Wildflower treks are child appropriate as they move slow enough for children, allowing freedom for exploration. At Eden Valley, well behaved dogs are welcome on our treks.

See Wildflower Trek under the Rate's and Special tab for trek options.  We can offer suggestions for nearby easy hiking adventures to explore for more wildflowers.