Eden Valley's June Wildflowers

The wildflower show is at its height in June at Eden Valley Guest Ranch and nearby locations as well.

Tiger Lilies are seen in late June or early July at our elevation.The long list of wildflowers in bloom on the ranch includes those listed for previous months plus: Yarrow, various daiseys, Groundsels, Canada Goldenrod, a few varieties of Pussytoes, Common Plantain, Wild Mint, clovers, Lupine, Paintbrush, white Sickletop Lousewort, Penstemon, Violets, Lemonweed/Yellow Gromwell/Pacoon, Phacelia, Scarlet Gilia, Jacob's Ladder, Buckwheat Fragile Sour Weed, Upland Larkspur, Blue Clematis, Wild Strawberries, Old Man's Beard will progress into feathery clusters, Holboell's Rockcress, Fireweed, Sticky Geranium, Alumroot, Woodland Star, False Solomon's Seal, Twisted stalk, Meadow Death Camas, Oregon Grape, and many many more.  The Tiger Lily blooms near the end of June.

Short drives will yield even more wildflowers and those interested should ask for trip suggestions.