Eden Valley's May Wildflowers

By late April or early May at Eden Valley Guest Ranch, the color changes to pinks and blues. The end of May brings many yellow wildflowers.

Shooting Stars at Eden Valley Guest Ranch.The Shooting Star appears in early spring and gives a pink cast to large open areas within the woodlands on the ranch.  This wildflower has perhaps the most pleasing aroma of all. Those that grew up with the shooting star hold this experience very special. The show turns from pink to blue with the Brodiaea lily.  Also called large-flowered tritelia, it is a wild hyacenth.

Sunny, drier slopes will have earlier shows of some species.  The bright yellow Balsamroot is among the first.  Generally, by mid May at our elevation the heart-leaved Arnica begins its debut and lasts about three weeks depending where you are on the ranch. Brown-eyed Susan begins blooming in late May to early June depending on the average temperatures and precipitation. Varieties of Pussytoes begin to bloom in May and the Old Man's Beard has pink flowers shaped like a Hershey's kiss.  There are other yellow flowers too.  Noteworthy is the purple-blue color change to our scenery added by the Lupine.  Naturally, there are many more varieties too numerous to mention here, including mosses.  Guests may hike or ride the trails to see a great number of species.  Wildflower tours are available with reservations.