Calipso, a treasured wildflower at Eden ValleyEden Valley Guest Ranch offers guests a diverse population of wildflowers in their native environment.  Generally, our wildflower show begins in late April and continues into late July.  Guests may hike or trail ride to see beautiful displays.  We offer narrated tours at Eden Valley either by horse or on foot.  A short drive to the Lost Lake, Beth Lake, Beaver Lake or Bonaparte area with short hikes will show wildflowers blooming a little later and provide a fun adventure for any group.

Wildflower Beginners

Naturally, average temperatures and rainfall impact the wildflower show greatly each year.  For those brand new to wildflower identification, beginning when plants are in the flower stage is easiest and most fun.

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Eden Valley Shrubs & Bushes

Shrubs or bushes in our local area leaf out in late March and into April.

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Eden Valley's April Wildflowers

April generally begins our annual adventure with wildflower viewing, however, late March might offer a small selection. The best shows are in May and June.

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Eden Valley's May Wildflowers

By late April or early May at Eden Valley Guest Ranch, the color changes to pinks and blues. The end of May brings many yellow wildflowers.

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Eden Valley's June Wildflowers

The wildflower show is at its height in June at Eden Valley Guest Ranch and nearby locations as well.

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Eden Valley's July Wildflowers

July is a month for fruit of many of the early wildflower bloomers at Eden Valley Guest Ranch.  July will have a few wildflowers blooming like the bitterroot and Mariposa lily.

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