Trails Options at Eden Valley Guest Ranch

Public land borders Eden Valley Guest Ranch's Trail System on the west and south sides, offering multi-use trails with few users.  Bring your hiking shoes, your mountain bikes and your horses. Licensed ATVs and dirt bikes are allowed on some trails.  In winter, bring your cross country skies, snowshoes, or snowmobile.  Snowmobiles are allowed on some trails.  It is the user's responsibility to know the rules.

Forest Service & Eden Valley BorderThe good news is that our local trails are underutilized and the
bad news is that we have little signage on our public lands. The Eden Valley Trail System is maintained and signed.  Most guests see very few other people most months of the year.  Hunting season for one week-end in mid-October would be the exception.  Generally, your time will run out before you hike or ride all the trails.  Many trails lead out west of our ranch towards Meadow Lake Road.

Those wishing for more aggressive hikes, horse rides or mountain bike rides will be challenged as they reach the public lands as trails separate with a selection of difficulty levels.

Trail guests may go south through the Eden Valley Guest Ranch trail system and intersect trails on our south border at Gate "4".  Mountain bikers use Dry Gulch Road for another access option.  Ask about a circle route.

The Haley Mt route takes hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts by the huge stunning rock face of Haley Mountain. A half-mile west of the saddle is a trail-head parking area with a bathroom facility.  A choice of coming back the same way or via Cashe Creek to Summit Lake Road (USFS Road 3525) must be made.  Those who wish to have about a 28 mile ride will proceed via Cashe Creek trail to Summit Lake Road.  OK... this part is not a trail, it is a very primitive road and the scenery is worth it.  It is a "must-see" sight at the alpine Summit Lake. The casual hiker or aggressive mountain biker can take a side excursion up to the historic Mt. Hull Lookout site.  In winter it is open to snowmobiles.  It is a steep half-mile each way with a 360 degree view at the top.  Mountain bikers can make a decision to come back the way they came or continue north on USFS Road 3525 to primitive USFS Road (Meadow Lake Road) and take a right.  In approximately three miles, will be locally known (unofficially named) Yodel Pup Trail or Cowbell Lane leading back to Gates "2" and "3" respectively.