Hiking Eden Valley

Eden Valley Guest Ranch has a few miles for hiking or horse use only.  All guests receive a page with a map of the resort on one side and trails map on the other.

Space to hike with great views at Eden Valley.The trails to our woods, leave the cabin area at an elevation of about 3250 feet and climb a couple hundred feet in a distance of less than half a mile.  The good news is that the trail flattens out a bit for a while, with short ups and downs, so it is appropriate for beginners and children.  Dogs are welcome on our trails as long as they are under the owner's control.

Hikers may use our many woods trails and also the sensitive Sunrise/Sunset hike on the east side of the Ranch.  The special Sunrise/Sunset hike provides great views of the Cascade Mountains over our little Betcher Mountain behind the cabins.  In addition to native species of wildflowers and shrubs, the photography of sunsets and sunrises is a delight.  Hiking west will take the adventurous hikers to 36,000 acres of public lands.