Mountain Biking Eden Valley

Eden Valley Guest Ranch has a few miles of multi-use trails for mountain biking.  All guests receive a free map with the resort site on one side and trails map on the other.  The Eden Valley Guest Ranch Trail System borders the US Forest Service Mt. Hull region, which is riddled with trails.

Mountain Biking Friends at Eden Valley Guest RanchThe Antler Alley & Log Cabin Trails leave the resort cabin area at an elevation of about 3250 feet and climb a couple hundred feet in a distance of less than half a mile.  The good news is that the trail flattens out a bit for a while with short ups and downs so it is appropriate for beginners and children.  There are more aggressive trails nearby.  Ask us or get online to do your own search.  These riders drove to Highland Sno-park Trail Head and rode to Mt. Bonaparte Lookout where they found snow in late May.

The public lands bordering the ranch is known as the Mt. Hull block of the Tonasket Ranger District with about 36,000 acres.  Many mountain bike guests enjoy exploring past the ranch.  A fun and short Mountain Bike tour is a loop through the Eden Valley Guest Ranch Trail System to Gate 1 and southerly to Hailey Mt. Road, which is really a two lane dirt track. Peddle east to our primitive gravel Dry Gulch Road and peddle north until you get back to Eden Valley Lane. This will be under six miles.