Log Cabin Trail - A Main Trail

The historic Eden Valley Log Cabin Trail has been on the map since 1906.  It leads south up hill from Cabin #1 through the big green Farm View gate and on to multiple other routes.

About a half mile from the cabins will be our Mt. Pasture Field.  Staying on Log Cabin Trail, one can see a sign to Gate 2 in the south side of the Mt. Pasture Field to the right and Treasure Trail to the left leading back down to the cabins.

Just past Robin's Treasure (at the top of Treasure Trail) will be signs indicating: Bear Trail, Pond Lane and Log Cabin Trail to the left.  Log Cabin Trail will meander through the woods to an old homestead complete with Log Cabin and more.  Continuing south will lead to Turkey Track, Tamrack Trail, Donkey Bowl, Gate 4 and the US Forest Service.  Pond Lane will traverse southerly to intersect with Homestead cutoff to the left and Tamrack Ridge further west.  Continuing westerly will find Lily Glade and up the hill to Gate #3 and the US Forest Service.