Trail Rides for All Abilities

We provide trail rides for beginners to experts.  We will ask for the ability level for all persons in your party when you make reservations.  Group rides will be at the level appropriate for the least skilled rider.

Trail boss & story teller, Robin Stice.All riders will receive riding tips, safety and coaching.  We discuss horse psychology and herd dynamics to help riders understand why horses do what they do and give riders the ability to predict horse behavior.


Beginners will need to come early.  You will receive an overview of what to expect.  We will perform introductions, discuss vocabulary and functions for tack.  We will demonstrate how to get on the horse, how to get off the horse as well as walk, turn, stop and more.  We will not proceed until we feel all riders understand procedures.  Therefore, advanced riders in a group mixed with beginners will be held up until their beginner buddies are ready.  Trails will be appropriate for beginners.

Intermediate and Advanced Riders

No beginners will be in a group using advanced trails so those with more skill wishing to ride more at their level need to consider this issue.  Intermediate riders should understand and be able to use leg cues.  Intermediate riders should also know terminology for names of horse equipment. 

Advanced riders will know all of the above and understand use of different riding techniques such as different reining methods and more.  Advanced riders will be able to set their stirrups to their personal needs.