Snow Tubing

Guests are welcome to bring snow toys.  Safe and fun tubing hills need to have proper topography to protect riders from hiting obstacles like trees, fences or rocks.  Eden Valley is blessed with the best.  This hill is open with a dell also known as a hollow to contain downward movement and riders land in the center of an open hay field.

Snow Tubes for Tubing at Eden Valley.

Snow tubes are very popular and have progressed in design to be easy to tow back up the hill and have handles for operation down.

Small children should not be allowed to go very high on the hill.  Adults are cautioned to test the hill by only hiking up 25 to 50 percent of the rise for their first ride.  Riders should never go down the tubing slot until all persons and toys are removed at the bottom.  Helmets are encouraged.

Dogs are welcome to join their families on the trails as long as they are under owner control.