Pinochle at Molson Grange Hall

$1.00 ~ Mondays at Molson Grange Hall at 7:00 pm.

Winter history in the Okanogan Highlands includes Pinochle every Monday evening in winter at the Molson Grange Hall. This has been a winter activity for about 70 years and is still very popular.  You do not need reservations -- just show up before 7:00 p.m.

Molson Grange Historic Collage ArtIt will cost you a dollar.  Donations for the Hall are always welcome.  The historic hall is interesting and the artwork inside created decades ago for numerous local fairs will amaze you.  Experience a fun game, our culture and friendly people. The public is welcome.  Although there are a few different artists, Elsie Johnson created her own version of American Folk Art for Molson Grange.  Her eight-foot wide creations depict Okanogan Highland life through the early 1900's.  The collage pictures are even more interesting when one realizes what materials are used to create them.