Gold at the end of the rainbow.At Eden Valley Guest Ranch, we make every effort to maximize customer value with affordable rates.  We have separate rates for cabin rentals, catering, horse hotel, dogs, and other specials.  Please see menu items specific to your interests.

Cabin rates are  $130 per night.

Our affordable rate structures for lodging were developed with feedback from former guests.  Washington State requires wage and employee benefits, which are also factored into our rates.

It was important to the guests we queried that services be provided in a menued format so that a guest only paid for individual services used.

A $25 standard cleaning fee will be charged per stay.

Note: Guests leaving their cabins freshly vacuumed (vacuum cleaned out), a clean microwave, range and oven, with garbage to cans near woodshed, no dirty dishes, laundry placed in clean tub, cleaned counters and table, no spills etc. may request this fee be waived.  Our staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes every cabin. Some take longer than others.

Cottages left in a non-standard state to require more than normal cleaning may be charged $50.  Things like excessive mud tracked on carpet, muddy hand prints on white walls, boiled over food on range or mess from the wood stove may require considerable extra staff time.