Wild Turkeys in Okanogan Highland Field.It was ideal for the wildlife with land featuring large patches of timber providing cover and homes for the animals.  Between the patches of timber were fields in production with a variety of grains, alfalfa or grasses. That is changing now as farming is not continued in many areas as land is bought by former urban dwellers for residences and private recreational tracts. Other large land parcels purchased are left idle. Consequently, wildlife tends to congregate where there is still farming.  Sometimes the wildlife becomes very costly for the few remaining farms.


Eden Valley Guest Ranch and Dry Gulch Farms are one of the few left in the Highlands that combine grain.  Some ranchers grow grain crops to cut for hay before the crop is mature.  Farming is rapidly becoming unsustainable in this region.  Farmers are making less than minimum wage, expenses are too high to replace equipment, transportation, electricity, and fuel costs continue to outrace the rate of the commodities.  As this trend continues and farming is replaced with other land uses, wildlife will probably be looking elsewhere for food.