Timber Economics

Many sawmills in northeastern Washington have been closed and probably will never reopen due to experience required, equipment technology changes and costs, transportation costs, government regulatory costs and the restricted timber supply.

Dead Pine to be used for lumber.As the USA struggles with national debt and property owners attempt to make a living, it is a huge concern that there are few markets in northeastern Washington for logs and the trend will probably continue.

Not managing or thinning the forest will hurt landowners, wildlife, birds, livestock producers, and the general landscape because tree health will not be optimum.  The local drought conditions from 2000 though 2009 stressed trees and other resources.  In American history, public lands provided economic benefits to local, State and Federal budgets.

Wildfire has been a major threat to public and private lands as well as personal property and life.  Prescribed burning is still controversial and currently has huge insurance risks as a management tool.  Even so, it does nothing to help with the economy.