Highland History and Culture Influenced Eden Valley Resort Design

Okanogan Highland's history and culture were important elements in the design and development of Eden Valley Guest Ranch.

Boards of History from Poland-China MIne were used at Eden Valley.Eden Valley Guest Ranch is a window into American Family Farming of the mid 1900's.  This guest ranch was designed to match the colors of the environment around it and blend into its surroundings.  One way this was done was by using "Boards of History" from very old buildings to side the cabins and the Lodge.  Some boards came from the late 1800's from the Polland-China Mine cabins. Showing century old technology is still viable today, four cabins are sided in boards sawed on Robin's Dad's mill.  These pine trees grew and died on the ranch.  Eden Valley Lodge hosts a display of locally kilned brick from the early 1900's.  The Lodge was designed to depict cultural elements of the Havillah Church and Molson Grange. The cabins are spaced to provide great views of the natural area along with privacy and seclusion with that pioneer spirit in mind.  The ranch is maintained with as few fences as possible to encourage everyone to see and feel the wide open space of long ago.


We encourage visitors, with and without their roots in the Highlands, to explore the ranch, our region and its colorful past.  Many of our guests have been urban dwellers for three or more generations.  We have had children visit that had never seen the Milky Way Galaxy and others that did not know bacon came from pigs.  We provide narrated hiking treks, and window tours of the ranch.  We can also help guests plan their Highland history tours.