Okanogan Highland Homesteads

The Homesteaders came to the north half of Okanogan County in 1900.

Log Homestead on Eden Valley Guest Ranch PropertyA homesteader was permitted to file on 160 acres.  If 160 acres was not available in a block, they filed on 80 or 40 acres.  A homesteader had to live on the property for five years to prove up and obtain title.  A log cabin was constructed as a home.

Some were prospectors and worked in mining yet had to spend a few nights in their homestead to maintain control of it.  Others wanted to farm.  Many nationalities were represented.  Times were tough and some sold to neighbors wanting larger units to make a living.  The growing season here is short.  Some homesteaders came too late in the season to grow food or hay and had to cut bunch grass to store for winter.  Most put up a log cabin as a house as soon as possible.

Home sites were selected first for water availability and some protection from the harsh winter weather.  Few homesteads had views.

One such homestead site exists on Eden Valley Guest Ranch today complete with log cabin (circa 1900), root cellar, hand dug well (lined with granite rocks) and more.  It is about 3/4 mile hike to the homestead site via Log Cabin Trail from Eden Valley Lodge.