Growing Hay

The alfalfa-grass hay is irrigated and the grass hay is dry-land.

Hay crop soon to be cut.Plants do not start growing in the spring until the soil temperatures are regularly above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our mountain growing season is very short.  Sometimes we harrow the ground early in the spring to stimulate the plants and disperse dirt from any mole mounds.  These crops are very expensive to seed and develop into productive healthy stands with deep roots.  Alfalfa roots can be as deep as 12 to 14 feet.  The crop must last 12 to 14 years to have a good return on investment.  Here in the mountains, we get one full cutting in late June and a partial cutting in late August.  The grass is only cut once a year.  Hay must be cut at a certain level of maturity to ensure the highest nutritive value.