The alfalfa-grass hay is irrigated with a hand-line system developed circa 1970 by Robin's parents.

Changing pipes on a cold August morning. The well is artisan and has wonderful clear water which is pumped though a main line in 30 foot sections with a valve placed every 6th pipe.  The laterals are 40-foot pipes with 3-inch diameters and are moved in 60-foot sets twice a day from late May through the 1st of September. Our season in the mountains is much shorter than lower elevations or places further south.  The pipes are not heavy but require balance and a certain cadence in walking to avoid a bad resonance causing them to bounce up and down on the ends.  Pat has redesigned some aspects of the system to save water and still give the crop what it needs.  Guests may ask for a window tour in the lodge if they would like to learn more about our historic irrigation system.  Other systems are not feasible due to our irregular and steep fields.