Helpful Hints for Adults taking Children Fishing

Children (and adults) will have more fun fishing if they are comfortable and entertained.

It is important to take extra jackets as a breeze off the water will feel cold compared to a short distace away.  Higher elevations are generally cooler than lower elevations and have thinner air.  Sunscreen might be a good idea.  Snacks and drinks are another consideration.  The lakes are not generally where snacks and drinks are puchased and staying hydrated on vacation can be a challenge. Children also need to go to the toilet more often than adults, and facilities nearby are a plus.

If the trip is about adventure and not just fishing, some lakes have better additional activities such as hiking, swimming, picnics, and bathrooms than others.

Eden Valley Guest Ranch staff enjoys helping guests with their plans for fishing trips for kids for the above considerations.  For rules, please see information from Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife regulations to identify if your teen needs a license and what the requirements are for each lake. Some lakes have a limit on the type of fishing gear or how many fish you can keep.