We raise most of our own cows.  So, all they know is living here in freedom with fresh water and great feed.  Beef cows generally have their first baby when they are just over two years old.

Cows babysitting at Eden Valley Guest RanchCows are usually productive and cost effective until age 12 or 13.  Some have been known to live into their 20's, however, that is rare.  Our cows average 1000 to 1200 pounds depending upon genetics.

When calves are a few weeks old, the cows have a system where one or two cows will stay with five or ten calves while the other mamas go eat or drink.  The cows all seem to take turns being babysitters.  As the calves get older, they eat more and more hay or grass.  A calf just a few days old will start eating a little hay.

The cows learn from their elders to follow the 4-wheeler or pickup with hay when it is time to go to a new pasture.  The human yells, "Come Boss".  Someone rides a horse or walks on foot behind them to push the stragglers up with the main herd.  We try never to make the cows go faster than a walk so usually our cow chases are not very exciting and we like that and so do the cows.  Our Border Collie loves helping to move cattle.