Our brand is called "Bottle B".  Our brand can only be legally placed on the left rib and we have no physical ear marks.  Robin's grandparents registered the Bottle B brand in 1955.  The original Betcher brand was B2 and used from the late 1880's.  

Bottle-B Brand, Betcher Family since 1955The Washington State Department of Agriculture is the agency responsible for the cattle identification program in our state.  See the Washington State Department of Agriculture web site for information about livestock identification in Washington.   This site states, "The origin of branding livestock dates from 2700 B.C. Paintings in Egyptian tombs document branding oxen with hieroglyphics. Ancient Greeks and Romans marked livestock and slaves with a hot iron. Hernando Cortez introduced branding from Spain to the New World in 1541. He brought cattle stamped with his mark of three crosses."  The oldest brand in Washington State from 1868 is still used in the Ellensburg area today.  If you would like more information on livestock identification or branding in the United States a simple web search will yield a great deal of information.