Cows in Winter

Registered Guests may take a free ride!

Our cows live in our climate year round -- in winter we feed them.  A favorite activity of some adventurous guests has been to ride along and see our winter cow picnic.  Calves are born in March and April.  Children are delighted to see the large animals up close.

Cows and calves eating hay in winter

The cows come to eat when we call them. We grow and  feed a special hay mix of Ladak alfalfa and orchard grass off a pick-up truck.  This is a good opportunity for us to inspect each one.

Cows usually have their first baby when they are two years old.  Cows are generally productive until they are about 12 years old or a little more.

Our cows experience living in freedom in a low stress environment.  They prefer to be called rather than chased when they are moved from pasture to pasture for range management.  Learn more as a ranch guest on your "free ride".

It is fun to see the babies.  The Border Collie loves riding on the hay and being part of the daily adventure.