Highland Birding

The Okanogan Highlands near Eden Valley cover many miles and is very rural.

Hawks soar with the farm equipment.Birding in the Okanogan Highlands will provide a multitude of species, but some birders will want to know more about the area.

The human population is sparse and fuel stations even more so. Fuel is available in Tonasket, Oroville and Chesaw for your local birding adventure.

Eagles, owls and hawks have strong numbers and the variety of hawks and owls that even beginner birders actually see is amazing.  Hawks have learned to be near working farm equipment as mice scurry in their path.  Varieties of woodpeckers, grouse and wild turkey in higher numbers are found more by people taking time to walk trails and park the car. Song birds are abundant, and the numerous area lakes provide a large number of water loving species.